SAS EuroBonus is now giving all members the opportunity to earn even more points in a broad selection of shops, restaurants, etc. You can earn EuroBonus points on all your everyday shopping. This part of EuroBonus has been developed by SAS EuroBonus and Loyal Solutions in close collaboration.

In time, you will be able to earn EuroBonus points on all your purchases in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and later also beyond Scandinavia.
THINK how many EuroBonus points you will earn! (You earn from 20 to 330 points per 100 kr. you spend). New shops join our programme every day, so remember to download our app so you always shop where you get EuroBonus points. You can also check on this website.

About SAS EuroBonus
Founded in 1992, today it is Scandinavia’s leading loyalty programme with more than 4.500.000 members.
About Loyal Solutions
Scandinavia’s largest supplier of advanced loyalty solutions, we handle all the practical and technical aspects that make it simple and effective for members and shops to take part in the programme.